Connecting people, goods,and the world

Kawasaki FAZ aims to be
a logistics hub in the Tokyo metropolitan area that
meets the diverse needs of the 21st century.

Corporate Profile

Kawasaki FAZ, Inc.
6-10 Higashiohgishima, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
March 29, 1995
5,327,050,000 yen
Number of
8 (As of April 1, 2024)
Board Members
  • President          Hirokazu Isoda
  • Executive Vice President   Takanori Wada
  • Director            Shin-ichi Harada
  • Director(Part-time)       Ken-ichi Mori
  • Director(Part-time)       Goro Kusakabe
  • Director(Part-time)       Shuichi Nishi
  • Director(Part-time)       Daisuke Kawasaki
  • Director(Part-time)       Takero Sakamoto
  • Auditor           Keijiro Kawahata
  • Auditor(Part-time)      Yasumi Yoshimasu
  • Auditor(Part-time)      Nobukazu Kato
  • Rental and management of real estate and ancillary facilities
  • Bonded and customs facility management and related information services
  • Maintenance and management of parks and other public facilities
  • Truck transport business
  • Warehousing business
  • Planning, promoting, and holding logistics-related conferences
  • Supply of electricity, gas, and water, and final disposal of waste and wastewater
  • Research, planning, and proposals for the construction and operation of various facilities related
    to the promotion of imports, such as storage and handling areas for imported goods, and
    exhibition and sales facilities for imported goods
  • Planning and management of various events
  • Restaurant and shop management
  • Non-life insurance agency
  • All business related to the above


Jul. 1992
Enforced the Act on Temporary Measures concerning the Promotion of Imports and the Facilitation of Inward Investment (commonly known as FAZ Act).
Mar. 1994
Kawasaki City's Kawasaki Ward and Saiwai Ward were designated as Foreign Access Zones (FAZ).
Mar. 1995
Established Kawasaki FAZ, Inc.
Jul. 1996
Started construction work on Kawasaki FAZ logistics center.
Apr. 1998
Started operation of Kawasaki FAZ logistics center (Building A, Building B, Administration Building).
Oct. 2006
Started construction work on Building C.
Jan. 2008
Started operation of Building C.
May 2019
Started repair work for exterior wall of Building A.
Aug. 2022
Kawasaki SDGs gold partner certification
Dec. 2022
Minato SDGs partner registration
Jun. 2023
Completed repair work for exterior wall of Building A.


6 -10 Higashiohgishima,Kawasaki-ku,Kawasaki-shi,Kanagawa-ken,Japan